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Party Themes & Extras


Who says you need winter to make it snow?  Dissolve Styrofoam problem!  Some make funny noises, and wait… what’s that…diaper science you say?   Look for flying objects as we recycle some polymers. And let’s not forget…SLIME!!!   Who knew polymers could be so much fun?  We did, that's who!  (Ages 4-11)


 Kids will explore different reactions as they taste our awesome super sour soda, learn the science behind yummy pop rocks, see what happens when a certain mint candy goes into a certain fizzy soda, be amazed by our chemical rainbow, launch our mini rockets inside, create elephant's toothpaste and more!   (Ages 6-11)


Examine the properties of light like never before! Really see what colors make up our world, learn about electricity all around us, be amazed by our "shocking" plasma ball, create light through chemical reactions, let us catch your shadow for all to see, learn the science behind fireworks and all those beautiful fiery colors right before your eyes and more! (Ages 8-11) *Please note this party requires a room that can be darkened and is not recommended for kids who are scared of the dark.


Physical and chemical reactions are a gas in this party! The children will be introduced to air and air pressure, the process of carbonation and sublimation. We will cap off the party by using air pressure and water to launch soda bottle rockets into the sky! This party works best outdoors during the warmer months as the children will get wet!  (A seasonal outdoor party.  Ages 5-11)


Enter an exciting world of the circus, where our Mad Scientist will introduce the concepts of potential and kinetic energy in fun and enlightening ways! In this fantastic party, designed specifically for preschoolers, children will meet the Ring Master and the Circus Animals! Watch as the Circus Clown makes an entry when children get to bounce clowns on a mini trampoline! Find out all about center of gravity when these clowns come somersaulting down a ramp! Finally children will become tight rope experts, when they get to balance on a tight rope, just like the clowns. (Ages 3-4 / Maximum of 15 kids)


In our spook-tacular show, the children will be amazed by the antics of Count Egbert as he struggles to fit back into his coffin after a night of feasting.  Countess Meggbert falls under a witches spell and the children will use science to figure out how to reverse the spell!  High flying floating eyeballs will amaze everyone!  Unleash the power of science as we melt a witch’s head and experience a cemetery effect and then watch the special witch's broom take a lucky child on a wild ride!




Birthday Parties are $229 for a party held at your location.  A travel charge may also apply.  Birthday Parties at the Mad Science Lab are $279.  Both party prices are for up to 15 kids.  Each child over 15 is only $6 each.  We only charge for the number of kids that actually attend the party.  Premium party finales range from $35 to $45.  All party extras or merchandise are priced as marked.



Extend the party fun with one of our Premium Add-ons. Adding one or two is a great way to customize the party experience for your birthday child and guests. Each add-on extends the party by about 15-20 min.

Dry Ice Show - Discover the fascinating properties of Dry Ice and watch really "cool" chemical reactions in action. Take a bubble shower, uncover the secret to monster movie fog as we catch a cloud and taste a Mad Science "soda burp". $45

Science of Cotton Candy - Who doesn't love cotton candy? Well, we don't just spin it for you; we'll teach you the science behind it! What happens when you mix green, pink, blue and purple sugar together? You’ll have to see it to believe it! $35

Electric Lab - Create lightning bolts inside! Have a hair raising good time when we experiment with our 350,000 volt Van De Graaff static electricity generator! (Only offered at the Mad Science Lab. This is best done in the dry winter months.) $35

Bubbleology - Think you know soap film? See amazing bubbles… round, squares, triangles & more. Learn the science behind it all! Bounce bubbles in your hands then experience our glowing, florescent bubbles (glowing bubbles at lab only!) Outdoor parties can use our amazing Bubble King for a blizzard of bubbles. $35

Laser Show - Laser technology at its finest. See how lasers cut not only through the air, but also though materials! Can we bend laser beams? We’ll find out! What about laser limbo? Finally we will light up the room for a mini dance party (Only offered at the Mad Science Lab.) $35

Hovercraft Ride - Experience our version of a flying carpet as you glide across the floor on a cushion of air. Recommended for smaller groups (15 or less) that will not be bothered by the loud noise of the hovercraft fan. (Only offered at the Mad Science Lab.) $35

Rocket Launch - Your child will lead the count-down, press the firing button and launch a rocket that will soar over 300 feet in the air! Will it come back or will a tree eat it?  The birthday child gets to launch the rocket with a count down from his or her friends! (This cannot be done at the Mad Science Lab.) $45

Dizzying Forces - Kids will create artistic masterpieces as they explorer centrifugal force and transference of energy with our Spin Art Spinner. Each child gets to take their creation home. $35

Sonic Sounds - Experience the full power of sound waves. You just have not seen fun until you have seen our goop dancing on a speaker! We set up two stations for kids to discover and create. Then we will bring in our professional voice changer. Ever hear a robot bark or a goat laugh. You will.  (Lab Only) $35


Free Printable Invitations - Download one of our many Birthday Party templates.  Customize and print them locally for about 10 cents each!  Click HERE to learn more.

Pre-Printed Invitations - Birthday parties start off on the right foot with these Mad Science Birthday Party Invitations.  A wonderful way to allow guest to feel the theme of the party right from the start.  Includes envelopes.  Sold in packs of 20 for $12.50.




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