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Homeschool Workshop Schedule

Mad Science offers Science workshops for home school organizations.  We can take our workshops on the road to your location or you can come to the Mad Science Lab in Innsbrook.  We also offer scheduled workshops for homeschoolers on the first and third Wednesday of most months.  Workshops start at 10 AM and last an hour.  Workshops are $10 per child for each individual class and are appropriate for grades K to 5.

View our programs page for a complete list of workshops available for home school education in the Central Virginia area (Richmond, Williamsburg, Charlottesville & Fredericksburg).

NOTE:  Please pre-register for classes to guarantee a spot as spaces are limited.  You can signup online by clicking the "Program Registration" button and searching for the program under "workshops".


Date Workshop Description
6-Sep-17 Che-Mystery Discover the mysterious wonders of chemical science! Learn the difference between physical and chemical changes through exciting, hands-on investigations; watch crystals form in water glass; and see acetone reduce foam to a puddle of goo.
20-Sep-17 Lights, Color, Action Uncover the hidden color spectrum and reveal the vividness of ordinary light!  Fill a room with rainbows and build your own techno-color blender to take home and your own indoor fireworks show.

Lab Works

Stir, swirl and squeeze your way into the lab coat as you train on the many techniques and tools of a Mad Scientist. Learn to handle beakers and stirring rods to investigate the curious nature of liquids. Grab your goggles and pack your pipettes- it’s time to step into the lab!
18-Oct-17 Fantastic Fliers
The Wright Brothers would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the fundamental principles of flight.  Build a "football" glider, control surfaces and your very own loop-flying stunt plane.  You'll be a Top Gun after this class!
1-Nov-17 Space Travel
Students will launch their investigation of rocket propulsion using the compressed air inside balloons for thrust. Come race balloon rockets and for our grand finale, witness a thrilling model rocket launch!


Science of Toys
It’s playtime – Mad Science style!  Explore the principles of motion with a host of toys. Play with spinning tops, gravity defying birds and motorized “string things” as you define potential and kinetic energy.
Junior Reactors
Dive deep into the marvelous world of molecules and discover the wonders of a molecular chain! Determine the difference between physical and chemical changes in a fiery demonstration and try to reduce paper to its atomic size. It’s time to think small!
Space Technology
Discover technology designed for outer space!  Steer a laser beam through a laser maze, find hidden mountains using the principles of radar technology and discover everyday objects originally designed for use in space!
Optical Illusions
Try not to be tricked by eye-catching illusions that change pictures right before your eyes! Play mind mirror games and construct your own periscope to fool others. Seeing is not always believing.
Mineral Mania
Recreate the process of rock formation and devise ways to identify and classify rocks and minerals. Experience the thrill of panning for gems; the gems you find, you can take home for further study and investigation.
Science of Magic
What’s the magic word? Science! Get your magic wand and use science to pull off some astounding illusions. Learn the secret of the disappearing handkerchiefs, Houdini’s handcuffs and the curious cube! It’s a class that will make you say Alakazam!
7-Mar-18 Walloping Weather
Put your rain coat on because you are in for a wild weather ride! Create a rain cloud in a bottle, brave a twisting tornado and learn to predict your own forecast.
21-Mar-18 Wacky Water
Create your own wave bottles while learning about water, waves, and the environment. Simulate the effects of an ocean oil spill and develop creative techniques to clean it up!
4-Apr-18 Dinosaurs
Investigating the habits, needs and characteristics of dinosaurs facilitates the exploration of the fossilization process. Examine real fossil casts, explore the differences in the teeth of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaur, and touch real fossils from dinosaurs.
18-Apr-18 Be Tobacco Free
Explore the effects of tobacco smoking. See first hand how it affects respiration and makes the heart work harder. Learn how tar will coat cilia in the lungs and narrow arteries with our original recipe of black tar tobacco slime in a Mad Science® Activity Cup.
2-May-18 Tantalizing Taste
Experiment with taste sensations while "mapping" out your tongue. Use lifesaver testing to compare your sense of smell and taste. Carbonate and taste your very own soda pop.
16-May-18 Life in the Sea
Plunge  into the depths of ocean life. Explore different ocean ecosystems and learn about the plants and animals that live there. From sharks to sponges, learn about the critters that live in the deep blue sea!


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