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Discovery Stations

Discovery Stations are an excellent way to enhance science events. These fun, engaging & interactive booths introduce and reinforce a variety of science concepts! Each Discovery Station can accommodate up to 30 kids every 25 minutes.  Stations are booked by the hour at $150 for a single hour or $125 per hour for two or more hours. Enhance these stations with our famous take home experiments for an additional fee. Call an event specialist for details at 804-359-1500!


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Discovery Station Description

Optional Take-
Home Project
(added cost)

Playing with Polymers The wonderful world of polymers. Create snow indoors, discover diaper science, dissolve styrofoam and more. Slime or Super Bouncy Balls
Bernoulli‚Äôs Air Station Dynamic air fun! Fill giant bags with a single breath, levitate balls on air & see impressive vacuum chamber demos.   Mad Science Skyhawk Plane
Shocking Science Create lightning before your eyes, play with giant static tubes and see how you & your friends conduct screaming electricity! Mad Science
Static Sticks
Magnificent Magnets Magnificent magnetic effects! Play with amazing magnetic fluids, see magnetic fields & build magnetic penny bridges! Floating
Magnet Lab
Sublimation Station A dry ice extravaganza! Shivering cold coins, dry ice burps, movie fog effects and our famous Mad Science bubble shower! Color Changing Thermo Cups
Wacky Water Learn about the only substance that can become all 3 stages of matter. Explore waves, water currents, density, surface tension and more. Mad Science
Cartesian Diver
Mission Control Explore the amazing world of rockets. Discuss rocket design, trajectory, flight & recovery. Experience rocket launches!   Mad Science Skyblazer Rocket
Red Hot Robots Examine principles of robots. Experiment with remote control arms, robots with sensors and play robot soccer. Robot Project
Dizzying Forces Experience the effects of centrifugal forces through our demonstrators. Sling paint about to create works of art. Tornado Tubes
Asteroid Strike Discuss space phenomena & experience the effect of asteroid strikes on our planet. Create a smoking comet before your eyes!   Mad Science
Catch a Comet
Science of Cotton Candy Science behind your favorite treat. Learn how centrifugal force can transform sugar crystals into delicious candy floss! Cotton Candy
Dinosaurs Explore clues left behind by dinosaurs to help us understand them.  How did they become extinct?  Were they big or small?  What did they eat?     Dinosaur
in Tar Pit
Fundamental Forces There are forces at play all around us every day.  Kids explore center of gravity with our balancing challenges, centrifugal forces and more. Mad Science
Gravity Game
Optical Illusions Things are not always as they appear.  See how tricky our brains and eyes can be.  Things are not always as they seem! Mad Science Periscope
Moving Motions Explore Newton's Three Laws of Motion and see how Angry Birds can pull it all together! Mad Science
Balloon Go Round
Energy Burst Explore energy transfer & energy conversion! Children spring into action with poppers, boinks, & jumping bugs to explore potential & kinetic energy. Spring Boink
Sounds Like Science Explore how sound travels in waves and how sound waves can be manipulated using our sound machine. Mad Science
Sonic Horn
Be Tobacco Free Through visual demonstrations kids can see some of the effects of smoking and in the end make the choice to Be Tobacco Free! Black Mucus Slime
Bugs All insects are bugs, but not all bugs are insects! Children learn about insects, look through the eyes of and more. Floating Bugs
Recreate the process of rock formation and devise ways to identify and classify rocks and minerals. Experience the thrill of panning for gems. Minerals & Gems


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