Our Demonstration Fun Station Themes


Static Electricity

Static electricity can come from various objects like carpet, doorknobs, sweaters, and balloons. During this demonstration, kids get to witness the effect of static electricity first hand. This demonstration is so mind-blowing, it makes the hairs on the back of their necks stand up—literally!


Dry Ice

Ever wondered how the infamous fog effect is generated? You guessed it…dry ice! Not only is this extremely cold form of carbon dioxide good at fogging up a room, it is also used to illustrate several other cool effects. During this demonstration, children learn all of the chilling facts behind dry ice, in addition to conjuring up a few magical potions using the element itself.


Hover Craft

Kids will be amazed by the power of air as they lift off the ground!


Rocket Launch!

1..2..3... Blast Off!! Children will explore the the stages of rocket launching and see a rocket soar 250ft!!


Vortex Air Generator

You'll be breathless when you see our Mad Scientist in action! See what we can do when the direction of air is controlled!!


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